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One of the most important strengths of NE2P is its exclusivity and collaborative approach to community development. The partnership
brings all the stakeholders together including government officials, city agencies, business owners, non-profit organizations, and local
residents to assist in moving the agenda of the organization and the community to achieve their goals. the Board of Directors is rep-
resentative of the community.

Creative community participation to ensure that those involved in revitalization are those who have vested interest in the community.

Identify resources to assist property owners and tenants (small business funds, conduct business development trainings).

Facilitate identification and placement of new capital investments for improved infrastructures.

Develop initial marketing plan for "Downtown Little Haiti" targeting potential consumers and investors.

Promote Little Haiti as a cultural destination through periodic festivals and cultural and historic events.

NE2P conducted an extensive outreach to community stakeholders in the envisioning and planning process that will lead to the creation
of a long-term development plan for Downtown Little Haiti. Stakeholders who have participated in these events included community
residents, business and property owners, community and faith-based organizations staff members, local govenment representatives,
various cultural groups and educational institutions.

From initial stakeholder meetings it was determined that revitalization tactics that can be immediately implemented include small
business development workshops, development of a customer service training workshops and special events to highlight the Haitian
American history and culture to encourage increased resident and tourist visitation.

- Conducting marketing and outreach of the request for applications to eligible businesses.

- Hosting community meetings.

- Establishing a scoring committee to review applications according to government requirements.

- Assiting small business owners to develop a budget according to individual business needs.

- Assisting Micro-enterprises with the application process.

- Assistance in completion of contract with the City of Miami.

- Assessment of current business standards, practices, needs and resources.

- Assistance in required documentation to access funding.

- On site evaluation and marketing recommendations for business expansion, product display and efficiency of utilization of retail space.

- Provide ongoing technical assistance to grant recipients to access progress of business including increased profit, technology
  advancement and product development.

In 2011 NE2P was awarded the Volunteer Florida's BEST Neighborhood Grants to futher implemented its mission to create downtown
Little Haiti. Over 300 new volunteers were recruited to participate in various activities which would lead toward a long term revitalization
plan for the area. NE2P collaborated with community organizations such as The Rhythm Foundation, Barry University and the MLK
community mural project that had established local projects dedicated to furthering the development of Little Haiti.

Volunteers were used to recruit potential stakeholders interested in joining NE2P and participating in a revitalization plan for Little Haiti.
Volunteers completed participation surveys with event attendees to assess the impact of the event, personal safety, frequency of
shopping in the area, demographic data and effectiveness of marketing outreach. Information assessed by the survey will help shape
the revitalization plan for downtown Little Haiti by addressing target population and hurdles of revitalization.

Volunteers identified challenges facing the development of downtown Little Haiti and provided input into necessary steps needed to
overcome those challenges. Issues such as perception of crime and knowledge of what product and services are available to
consumers. These issues were identified as obstacles that are hindering the economic growth of the area. Volunteers also
discussed actions to solicit and engage more volunteers into participation in various events in Little Haiti.

For more information please contact us at 786-908-3724 or email us at info@ne2p.org.