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Design: focusing on the physical design of Downtown Little Haiti including unifying design and streetscape enhancements.

Marketing: focusing on the promotional strategy for Downtown Little Haiti including branding the district and advertising.

Economic Recovery Plan: focusing on methods to strengthen local economy including job creation and soliciting new businesses.

Quality of Life Plan: focusing on improvement of safety and cleanliness including neighborhood watch program and beautification project.

NE2P has been working strategically to empower residents and business owners in downtown Little Haiti. Many local businesses in the
corridor and residents have concerns regarding the lack of police presence, the impact of the road construction on local businesses,
the need for grants for the small business affected and the need to stimulate the neighborhood economy. These issues have been
identified as obstacles that are hindering the economic growth of the area and the development of downtown little Haiti. NE2P
has take the necessary steps needed to begin to overcome those challenges.

NE2P has held community meetings that have provided a forum for the residents and business owners to voice concerns including
the lack of job opportunity, crime and the impact of construction on local businesses to city official. Furthermore, NE2P has worked
with city government to ensure that there is a continuous effort to address these concerns. We advocated and received more police
presence at night especially for large events. We requested the community be provided a copy of the construction plans for the
roadwork and marketplace. We requested the area to be officially designated as Little Haiti and signage be displayed as such.
We have branded ourselves as an organization dedicated to the revitalization of the commercial corridors of Little Haiti.

The ultimate Progress of NE2P will be achieved by committees of volunteers to address the four major aspects of the revitalization
of Little Haiti. These committees are marketing, quality of life, physical design and economic development. Each committee is
designated to establish and implement a development plan for their specific topic. Each development plan merges to
become the revitalization plan for Little Haiti.

For more information please contact us at 786-908-3724 or email us at info@ne2p.org.